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  15 Feb 2024
Ct, a mother of 7, is looking for a monitor to support her learning needs in University
  15 Feb 2024
client requires a phone in good working condition so that he could use for work. Phone has to be able to access google services and apps, 256gb and has a decent camera (as he need...
  15 Feb 2024
Dry and Wet food ration (Halal)
Client is heavily pregnant with her EDD being in March and has two school aged children. She, her children and husband reside in a 1 room rental flat. Client's husband is the sole ...
  15 Feb 2024
Double/Two Seater Stroller
Client is married with two children - 5+ years old and a 2 year old baby. She stays with her husband and her family in a rental flat. The client and her family are relying on finan...

  15 Feb 2024
Food Rations
Client is an elderly who has limited family support. Client would benefit from some adhoc support in basic necessity to support her daily needs (eg:Food rations)
  15 Feb 2024
Single Mattress, pillow and bolster
Family 's children - F/8 and M/5 have head lice issues and grandparents - F/67, M/67 wishes to purchase a new mattress, pillow and bolster to combat their health concern. Grandpare...
  15 Feb 2024
Child mattress, pillows, and bedsheet
Low income family with two boys, 5 years old and 7 months old. They were recently displaced from their previous housing and moved into a temporary home without many of their necess...
  15 Feb 2024
Motorised wheelchair with elevating foot-rest attachment.
Client, age 39, suffered a serious leg fracture. Doctors advised that need 3-4 years to see if bones join back. If not, then will be for life. Doctors unable to certify him permane...

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front loading washing machine
15 Feb 2024

Baby crib/cot
14 Feb 2024

Good condition hospital bed
14 Feb 2024

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It was in April this year that I sought help from As-Salaam Family Service Centre for used household items. I was then introduced to Pass It On by my family counselor. Only then did my...
Mdm D (35 years old)
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Grant a Wish

Thank in advance for your generosity and responding to our VWO’s wish list:
  1. Please ensure your donated item is in good working condition as the needy cannot afford the repair or refurbish cost.
  2. Pass-It-On does not collect the donated item. We do not perform removal service and have no storage space.
  3. Please specify a valid till date. VWO shall contact you to arrange for collection before the specify date.
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Requested Description This family currently has 5 young children, including a newborn. One of their sons recently got hospitalized into KKH as he injured his ankle, which has spread to his thighs and knees. Doctor shared that he needs this cast to aid in his recovery and allevaite the pain. He currently experiences pain while walking and has not been going to school for the past month and would have to sit in a trolley to be transported around. However, the family is currently facing tight finances and fully dependent on Comcare assistance as mother is still recovering from giving birth not long ago. Her fiancé is also unable to work too due to a run in with the law. They are also unable to tap on their extended relatives for financial support as they have their own financial difficulties as well. The family does not have enough money to get this item for their 8 year old and hopes that a kind donor can provide this item for his knee to heal properly. Please feel free to reach out to me for more information if needed. Thank you so much for helping this family!  
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We encourage donors to consider paying for the transportation.

Discounted rates for moving services are available and can be arranged by letting the VWOs know.

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