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  18 Feb 2020
Medium Sized Cat Cage
This is a family of 7 who lives in a rental flat and is experiencing financial hardship. They have premature baby who will be discharged soon. However, the family has cats that can...
  18 Feb 2020
Looking for a simple 2 door refrigerator for a needy visually impaired elderly living alone in a gov rental flat. Can be used or new. His current donated 2nd hand refrigerator has ...
  18 Feb 2020
Elderly client who is on a long term MC needs a Wardrobe for himself and his two granddaughters and young child.They currently do not have a one and no place to hang their clothes.
  18 Feb 2020
Electrical Fridge
Elderly client who is on a long term MC needs a Electrical Fridge for himself and his two granddaughters and young child.There current Fridge is no longer functional.

  18 Feb 2020
table fan
our second elderly client who also need a table fan. client is 70 years old who lives alone and sleeps on the floor. her table fan is spoilt and she cannot afford to replace it sin...
  18 Feb 2020
microwave oven
Senior is widowed, unemployed and lives alone in Govt Rental Flat. Need a microwave to heat it food.
  18 Feb 2020
Mattress (Queen size)
Mother requires a Queen size mattress for 3 of her 6 children to sleep on. Mother has to stay home to mind her youngest child aged 1. The family does not have a breadwinner.
  18 Feb 2020
Queen size mattress c/w Metal bedframe
Single mother with 2 children required a new bed (Queen size mattress come with Metal bedframe). They are sleeping on the same bed. Their current bedframe and mattress have damaged...

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Queen Size Metal bedframe, 100cm x 40cm bar table, 1 queen size mattress (quite new)
18 Feb 2020

18 Feb 2020

18 Feb 2020

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It was in April this year that I sought help from As-Salaam Family Service Centre for used household items. I was then introduced to Pass It On by my family counselor. Only then did my...
Mdm D (35 years old)
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Thank in advance for your generosity and kind support:
  1. Please ensure your donated item is in good working condition as the needy cannot afford the repair or refurbish cost.
  2. Pass-It-On does not collect the donated item. We do not perform removal service and have no storage space.
  3. If Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) find your donated item suitable for the needy under their care, shall reserve and contact you to arrange for collection.
  4. Please specify a valid till date for your donated item. Thereafter your donated item shall be removed from the website and become unavailable to VWOs.
  5. If you have multiple items to donate, please fill up and submit the below form for each item.
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We encourage donors to consider paying for the transportation.

Discounted rates for moving services are available and can be arranged by letting the VWOs know.

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